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Working papers (äldre)


"Soft Europeanisation of Work-Family Reconciliation Policy-making? - Social, Policy and Political Learning among German MPs". Gühlstorf, Alisa, 2016.

Working paper nr. 55 (PDF 563.9 KB, ny flik)


Knocking on Europe’s door… - Investigating modes of governing and the principle of solidarity as EU member states respond to the asylum pressure on its southern borders”. Nørager, Marie Brink, 2016.

Working paper nr. 54 (PDF 1.1 MB, ny flik)



Population, Demography and Nighttime Lights: An examination of the effects of population decline on settlement patterns in Europe”. Archila Bustos, Maria Francisca, 2015.

Working paper nr. 53 (PDF 4.1 MB, ny flik)


Status and impact of the ability to pay principle in the ECJ's case law concerning tax benefits based on personal and family circumstances”. Grassi, Clara Maria, 2015. 

Working paper nr. 52 (PDF, 908 KB, ny flik)



The role of judicial interpretation in environmental protection: An analysis of the EU’s leadership ambitions on climate change action”. Multala, Sebastian, 2014. 

Working paper nr. 51 (PDF 960.5 KB, ny flik)



What to do about Kim? - The European Union as an external actor towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 2001-2011”. Mattisson Lax, Alina, 2013.

Working paper nr. 50 (PDF 608.2 KB, ny flik)


Satirical Depictions of the European Union: A Semiotic Analysis of Political Cartoons on the 2004 Enlargement and 2009 - ­2012 Eurozone Debt Crisis”. Thanh Pham, Tra, 2013.

Working paper nr. 49 (PDF 2.3 MB, ny flik)



Cohesion or Cacophony? - An analysis of EU voting behaviour in the United Nations General Assembly from the 62nd until the 65th session”. Arvidson Persson, Johannes, 2012. 

Working paper nr. 48 (PDF 1.2 MB, ny flik)


Effective Judicial Protection of Individuals: A duty for the Court of Justice or the National Courts?”. Sjöstrand, Cecilia, 2012. 

Working paper nr. 47 (PDF 761.5 KB, ny flik)



"Structural Guarantees for the State Aid Field: The Community’s Last Best Hope against National Arbitrariness". Ericsson, Angelica, 2011. 

Working paper nr. 46 (PDF 508.7 KB, ny flik)


Tall Tales of Genocide: An Argumentative and Comparative Analysis of Western Denial of the Holocaust and of the Armenian Genocide”. Karlsson, Maria, 2011. 

Working paper nr. 45 (PDF 987.9 KB, ny flik)



Constructing Maastricht’s Third ‘C’: A Study of the Ideational Causality of Policy Coherence for Development in the EU”. Post, Nina, 2010. 

Working paper nr. 44 (PDF 1 MB, ny flik)


Compulsory consensus in Turkey and its side effects in Euro-Turkish relations”. Serdaroğlu, Ozan, 2011.

Working paper nr. 43 (PDF 210.9 KB, ny flik)


”Förvärvarens övertagande av personal vid verksamhetsövergång”. Broman, Katarina, 2010. 

Working paper nr. 42 (PDF 485.1 KB, ny flik)


A Matter of Context: Why Negotiating Mandates Given in the Swedish Riksdag’s EU Committee Differ”. Johansson, Markus, 2010. 

Working paper nr. 41 (PDF 410.3. KB, ny flik)


”Föredömligt folk förvandlar Gränsland till Europaland: Bilden av Ukraina i svensk press januari 2004 till mars 2006”. Lennhag, Mi. 2010.

Working paper nr. 40 (PDF 523.4 KB, ny flik)



A Fair Weather Champion? The European Union at the United Nations Human Rights Council”. Lindkvist, Linde, 2009. 

Working paper nr. 39 (PDF 365.6 KB, ny flik)



The Holocaust and International Norm Socialization: The Case of Holocaust Education in Romania” Dutceac Segesten, Anamaria, 2008.

Working paper nr. 38 (PDF 257.4 KB, ny flik)


Now we should all acknowledge our Holocaust guilt - Denmark and the Holocaust as European Identity”. Bechmann, Sune, 2008.

Working paper nr. 37 (PDF 217.5 KB, ny flik)


”Europeiska ungdomskampanjen och Finland”. Brander, Richard, 2008. 

Working paper nr. 36 (PDF 268.6 KB, ny flik)


Discursive Elements in the (de)Banalisation of Nationalism: A Study of Speeches by Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy”. Yan Sayegh, Pascal, 2008. 

Working paper nr. 35 (PDF 257.2 KB, ny flik)


Toleration in the 21st Century: A Revised Liberal Defense”. Fernández, Christian, 2008.

Working paper nr. 34 (PDF 205.5 KB, ny flik)


”Patent på mänskliga stamceller: Rättsliga och moraliska aspekter”. Jönsson, Elna, 2008.

Working paper nr. 33 (PDF 230.2 KB, ny flik)


”Moskva är inte Sodom! En diskussion om nationell identitet, maskulinitet och synen på homosexualitet i dagens Ryssland”. Persson, Emil, 2008.

Working paper nr. 32 (PDF 233.9 KB, ny flik)



A European Public Sphere and the Issue of Permeability: The Debate on the Constitutional Treaty in Two Swedish Quality Newspapers”. Conrad, Maximilian, 2006.

Working paper nr. 31 (PDF 481.8 KB, ny flik)



“Från Kadmos till CAP – åtta uppsatser om europeiska nätverk, nationer och narrativ”. Önnerfors, Andreas (utg.), 2005.

Working paper nr. 30 (PDF 7.8 MB, ny flik)



Women’s Migration in Contemporary Russian Literature”. Sarsenov, Karin, 2004.

Working paper nr. 29 (PDF 100.3 KB, ny flik)


”Inledningstal: Finland och Sverige möts i Lund – Speech: Finland and Sweden in a European Perspective”. Lipponen, Paavo, 2004.

Working paper nr. 28 (PDF 55.2 KB, ny flik)


On the Morphology of International Systems: Political Space as Structure and Process in Early Medieval Europe”. Hall, Martin, 2004.  

Working paper nr. 27 (PDF 95.1 KB, ny flik)


Could You Be More Specific? - Examples as Crucial Arguments in Discourse on ‘Others". Holsanova, Jana & Wästerfors, David, 2004.

Working paper nr. 26 (PDF 233 KB, ny flik)


Discussion of Some Legal Issues Raised by the Introduction of the Euro”. Brokelind, Cécile, 2004. 

Working paper nr. 25 (PDF 100.3 KB, ny flik)


Making Room for Elephants: An Attempt to Re-explore Democracy in the European Union”. Nordén, Therese, 2004.

Working paper nr. 24 (PDF 123.9 KB, ny flik)



Strategic Alliances in the Telecommunications Sector: An EC Competition Law Assessment”. Meurling, Eva, 2002.

Working paper nr. 23 (PDF 437.8 KB, ny flik)


Procedural Reforms of the EU Legislative Process: Increased Power for the European Parliament?”. Helmbring, Kajsa, 2002.

Working paper nr. 22 (PDF 518.3 KB, ny flik)


The Principle of State Liability: The Creation of a General Principle of Law to Enhance Effective Judicial Protection of Individual EC Rights”. Rotkirch, Matilda, 2002.

Working paper nr. 21 (PDF 128 KB, ny flik)


EU Treaty Reform in Theoretical Perspective: An Empirical Exploration of Liberal Intergovernmentalism and Historical Institutionalism”. Arvidsson, Björn, 2002.

Working paper nr. 20 (PDF 406.8 KB, ny flik)


Temporality in the Construction of EU Identity” Hellström, Anders & Petersson, Bo, 2002.

Working paper nr. 19 (PDF 370.2 KB, ny flik)


José Ortega y Gasset: The Spanish philosopher who saw life as an intellectual adventure”. Enkvist, Inger, 2002.

Working paper nr. 18 (PDF 86.6 KB, ny flik)



Post-Communist Transformation and the Problem of Weak States: Reconceptualizing the Legacy of Communism”. Jerre, Ulrika, 2001.

Working paper nr. 17 (PDF 472.8 KB, ny flik)


Tales of Ambivalence: Stories of Acceptance and Rejection among Swedish Expatriates in Poland”. Wästerfors, David, 2001.

Working paper nr. 16 (PDF 550.4 KB, ny flik)


Indirect Discrimination and the European Court of Justice: A comparative analysis of European Court of Justice case-law relating to discrimination on the grounds of, respectively, sex and nationality”. Wengdahl, Alexandra, 2001.

Working paper nr. 15 (PDF 522.3 KB, ny flik)


The Development and Implications of ‘Collective Dominance’ in EC Competition Law”. Cattermole, Edward, 2001.

Working paper nr. 14 (PDF 429.7 KB, ny flik)


Russia in a Western mirror: A presentation of Denis Diderot, Mme de Staël and André Gide”. Rédei Cabak, Anna, 2001.

Working paper nr. 13 (PDF 384.9 KB, ny flik)


Nationalism and Minority Questions in Central and Eastern Europe in the Context of EU Enlargement”. Törnquist Plewa, Barbara, 2001.

Working paper nr. 12 (PDF 406 KB, ny flik)


Is a € - bloc emerging in central and eastern Europe?”. Hjort, Viktor & Strömbom, Nils-Erik, 2001.

Working paper nr. 11 (PDF 1.4 MB, ny flik)


Negotiating Reform in the European Union”. Rosén, Malena, 2001.

Working paper nr. 10 (PDF 410.2 KB, ny flik)


Demand Patterns and Vertical Intra-Industry Trade With Special Reference to North-South Trade”. Gullstrand, Joakim, 2001.

Working paper nr. 9 (PDF 1.3 MB, ny flik)



Do Northern and Southern Europe Discuss the Same Issues? - A comparison between the opinion-editorial pages in the Spanish daily El País and the Swedish Dagens Nyheter”. Enkvist, Inger, 2000.

Working paper nr. 8 (PDF 363.7 KB, ny flik)


Hollywood Horror: Europe as American Dystopia”. Tapper, Michael, 2000.

Working paper nr. 7 (PDF 41.5 KB, ny flik)


Research and Development Cooperation in European Competition Law - A Legal and Economic Analysis”. Glader, Marcus, 2000.

Working paper nr. 6 (PDF 160.1 KB, ny flik)


Do Numbers Matter? - The EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Dynamic Effects of Enlargement”. Strömvik, Maria, 2000.

Working paper nr. 5 (PDF 86.7 KB, ny flik)


The Convention on the Protection of the European Communities’ Financial Interests: A Case Study of Negotiations in Networks in the EU”. Petersson, Isabella, 2000.

Working paper nr. 4 (PDF 100.6 KB, ny flik)



Regional Economies: a Threat to the Nation-State?”. Lundquist, Karl-Johan & Olander, Lars-Olof, 1999.

Working paper nr. 3 (PDF 125.1 KB, ny flik)


Globalisation, Europeanisation, Place Embeddedness: New Developments within Production Networks and Territorial Implications”. Jonsson, Ola, 1999.

Working paper nr. 2 (PDF 93.8 KB, ny flik)



National Self-Images among Russian Regional Politicians: Comparing a Pilot Study on Perm and the Case of St. Petersburg”. Petersson, Bo, 1998.

Working paper nr. 1 (PDF 218.7 KB, ny flik)