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Write a Viewpoint Europe

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Last year, the Centre for European Studies launched Viewpoint Europe, a new publication where researchers write policy-oriented reports. The first report was on the Swedish government's lack of consultation with interest organisations on EU-related matters. Recently, the second report was published, detailing how the proposal for an EU minimum wage might result in other effects than the ones currently seen in the Swedish debate (see links below).

Publications like Viewpoint Europe are important for several reasons. In Sweden, as in many other EU member states, there are limited opportunities for well-informed public debates on the role of the EU. The EU level is often obscured, and myths about EU policy and the functioning of the Union are thereby easily spread.

At Lund University, many researchers produce knowledge with high societal relevance that can be used to understand and explain Europe in our time and through history. We are therefore hoping to find authors who wish to convey their findings or expertise to the public. By writing a Viewpoint Europe, the authors get an opportunity to make their analyses available to readers outside of academia and thereby reach a wider audience than that of traditional scientific journals.

Do you wish to contribute?

The reports should not be longer than 5000 words (but are encouraged to be shorter) and can be written in Swedish or English.

In certain cases, we may be able to offer editorial help to shorten a text that has already been published, such as an article in an academic journal. 

When the report is published we organise an open seminar with expert commentators from for example public administration or interest groups. We also advertise the publication to stakeholders through various channels, not least through our Swedish-language research blog Europakommentaren.   

Contact us if you are interested or wish to know more, by sending an email to Evelina Hagberg (evelina [dot] hagberg [at] cfe [dot] lu [dot] setarget="_blank").

Read the previous reports here:

Förslaget om minimilön i EU - en europeisk angelägenhet eller en svensk olägenhet? By Jörgen Hettne and Ann-Christine Hartzén (PDF new tab, 372 KB)

Hur väl förankrar Sverige sin EU-politik? By Maria Strömvik (PDF new tab, 889 KB).