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Conference papers series (older)

The Centre for European Studies has organised various conferences throughout the years. On this page, you will find a list of reports from some of these conferences.

"In search for transcultural memory in Europe." Törnquist-Plewa, Barbara, Bernsand, Niklas & La Rosa, Marco (eds.). From CFE:s COST-finansed ISTME-network in Memory Studies, 2012-2016. 

Conference papers no. 8 (PDF 3.52 MB, new tab)


"Beyond transition? Memory and identity narratives in Eastern and Central Europe". Törnquist-Plewa, Barbara, Bernsand, Niklas & Narvselius, Eleonora (eds). Conference in Lund 2-4 October 2013.

Conference papers no. 7 (PDF 1.32 MB, new tab)


"Minne och manipulation. Om det kollektiva minnets praktiker." Törnquist-Plewa, Barbara & Rasch, Ingrid (2010). From three seminars held in 2010. 

Conference papers no. 6 (PDF 1.58 MB, new tab)


"Painful pasts and useful memories: Remembering and forgetting in Europe". Törnquist-Plewa, Barbara & Bernsand, Niklas (eds.). Workshop 2009-2010 for NordForsk Nordic Memory Network. 

Conference paper no. 5 (PDF 1.71 MB, new tab)


"Whose memory? Which future? Remembering Europe's expelled peoples of the twentieth century". Törnquist-Plewa, Barbara & Peterson, Bo (eds.) Workshop in Lund 7-8 december 2007. 

Conference papers no. 4 (PDF 722.37 KB, new tab)

Conference papers no. 4 - front page (PDF 1.79 MB, new tab)


"The poetics of memory in post-totalitarian narration". Lindbladh, Johanna (ed.). Conference in Lund, 25-26 May 2007. Sponsored by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

Conference papers no. 3 (PDF 2.12 MB, new tab)


"Energy security in Europe: Proceedings from the conference 'Energy Security in Europe'". Petersson, Bo, & Törnquist-Plewa, Barbara eds.). Conference in Lund, 24-25 September 2007. More than 60 researchers from 15 different countries participated in the conference. 

Conference papers no. 2 (PDF 2.96 MB, new tab)

Conference papers no. 2 - front page (PDF 218.56 KB, new tab)


"The Bologna process on the ground: Experiences of Nordic-Baltic-Russian cooperation in higher education". Laine, Jussi, Petersson, Bo, Prozorov, Sergei, & Rytövuori-Apunen, H. (eds.). Conference in Lund, December 2006. 

Conference papers no. 1 (PDF 1.03 MB, new tab)

Conference papers no. 1 - front page (PDF 1.26 MB, new tab)