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The Centre for European Studies runs the blog, where researchers write blog posts on subjects related to the EU and Europe. We are always looking for new authors. Please contact our editor, Maria Strömvik (maria [dot] stromvik [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se), if you are interested in publishing a text.

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Viewpoint Europe is a new publication series, launched in 2020, where researchers write policy-oriented reports. The purpose of the series is to contribute to public debate on the EU and Europe. 

At Lund University, many researchers produce knowledge with high societal relevance that can be used to understand and explain Europe in our time and through history. We are therefore hoping to find authors who wish to convey their findings or expertise to the public. 

By writing a Viewpoint Europe report, the authors get an opportunity to make their analyses available to readers outside of academia and thereby reach a wider audience than that of traditional scientific journals.

Do you wish to contribute? Contact us if you are interested or wish to know more, by sending an email to Evelina Hagberg (evelina [dot] hagberg [at] cfe [dot] lu [dot] se).


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