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Grants for seminars, symposia, and lectures on European themes

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To researchers at the Faculties for Humanities and Theology, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law and the School of Economics and Management.

Centre for European Studies at Lund University (CFE) announces the availability of funds for seminars, symposia and lectures on European themes during the autumn semester 2023 and/or spring semester 2024.

The theme must have a clear connection to European matters. It should be based on a perspective (historical or current) that relates to contemporary conditions in Europe. Furthermore, it should address issues of broader European interest rather than issues relevant only to a single European country.

Currently, Europe is facing many challenges. Against this backdrop, CFE will give priority to proposals for seminars and other activities related to themes such as Agenda 2030 and beyond, the fight against climate change and other environmental challenges, social justice and equality, digital transformation and artificial intelligence, European values and democracy as well as the global role of Europe, geopolitics and European security. 

Note that priority to these themes does not exclude other themes with a clear connection to European matters from being considered for funding. 

The funding can be used for inviting guest lecturers to seminars, symposia etc.

The application should contain a short presentation of the planned activity and a preliminary budget. Funding can cover costs for travelling and lodging for e.g. external lecturers as well as for meals in accordance with Lund University's regulations on travelling and representation (Dnr V 2017/921 and V 2019/782). The maximum amount is normally 50.000 SEK. Lecturing fees will not be reimbursed.

The following conditions apply for successful applications:

  • CFE shall be informed in due time about the time and place for the seminar, as well as its more precise content so that it can be advertised through the Centre’s channels.
  • In the information about the seminar and in the advertising of it, it shall be indicated that it is arranged with the support of CFE.
  • A declaration of the costs incurred shall be provided showing that the funds granted have been used for the purposes stated in the application. 

Applications are to be submitted through this form. The application deadline is April 21, 2023.

Decision about funding will be made by the CFE board and will be communicated no later than May 12, 2023.

For more information please contact the Director of CFE, Jörgen Hettne (jorgen [dot] hettne [at] har [dot] lu [dot] se).