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Finished Projects and Networks in Memory Studies

NordForsk Nordic Memory Studies Network

In 2009 the Nordic Research Council (NordForsk) provided a three-year grant for the establishment of a Nordic research network in Memory Studies. The network - Towards a Common Past- was led by the Centre for European Studies and included researchers and research institutions from all Nordic and Baltic countries.The network has organised a number of conferences (Lund, Stavanger, Lund), workshops and summer schools (Reykjavik, Stavanger) as well as individual lectures and seminars. A book gathering contributions to the workshops in 2009 and 2010 was published in the CFE Conference paper series.

Network homepage


Centrum för Europaforskning

Box 201

22100 Lund

Telefon (koordinator): 046(46)2228819

niklas [dot] bernsand [at] slav [dot] lu [dot] se