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Call for Applications: STMS within ISTME Cost Action

The Research Network In search of transcultural memory in Europe (ISTME) invites applications for short term scientific missions (STSMs) in 2016. These Missions (Exchange Visits) are aimed at supporting integration and networking activities by allowing scientists to go to an institution in another COST Country to foster collaboration and/or to profit from expertise available at the host institution.

Deadline: 15 May. See attachment for more information

Deadline for applications: May 15, 2016


ISTME is a COST funded Action that aims to go beyond the nationally oriented memory studies and tendencies to reify the bond between culture, nation and memory. Instead we investigate the transcultural dynamics of memory in Europe today. Studying how memories of the troubled twentieth century are transmitted and received across Europe, the Network explores the tension between attempts to create a common European memory, or a unitary memory ethics, on the one hand and numerous memory conflicts stemming from Europe’s fragmentation into countless memory communities on the other.

Drawing on recent theoretical insights that point to the importance of memory migration, mediation and new media the Action seeks to develop new methods for studying and comparing effects of memory transmission over cultural borders. The Action aims to develop European memory studies theoretically and methodologically by focusing on transculturality, agency and reception - and to contribute to finding ways of accommodating memory conflicts.

Further information on the Network’s aims and organization are to be found on the following websites:


STSMs are particularly intended for PhD-students, post-docs and early stage researchers (PhD + 8 years). Exceptions can be made for senior scholars if the aim with the visit is writing an application for European funding involving partners from the COST-action ISTME IS 1203.

About ten grants will be made available and the deadline for application is set for May 15, 2016 at 23.59 CET. The funding of the grants is contingent on the availability of funds and subject to approval. The final decision will be taken in June 2016.

The visits need to be carried out between June 16 and July 31, 2016. The grant is not paid in advance but as reimbursement after the grantee has submitted a short scientific report to the chair of the Network’s Management Committee. This has to be done within 30 days after the visit. Delay in providing all the documentation might affect our possibility to reimburse the grantees.

About STSMs

STSMs can vary from one week (5 working days) to one and a half months in this particular case. Applicants must be engaged in a research program in an institution from a COST country which must have accepted the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of the Action concerned. 

Host institutions can be all academic institutions from the countries that signed the MoU with COST (i.e. countries that have representatives in the COST-action IS1203, but not necessarily representatives’ institutions).

Further eligibility criteria are: Quality of description and explanation, support from host institution, reasonability of budget, fitting into network agenda. Moreover, COST-action ISTME aims at gender balance between grantees.

The average contribution for a mission is a fixed grant based on the applicant’s budget request and the decision from the assessment committee. The total of a STSM will normally not exceed EUR 1 500 up to one and a half months.

Due to budget constraints upon receiving notification about acceptance of their proposal, applicants could be invited to curtail the duration of their visits. 


The Applicant must use the on-line registration tool to register their request for an STSM. More information are available on the COST website (

 The following information has to be encoded with the registration:

  1. the Action number;
  2. the title of the planned STSM;
  3. the start and end date;
  4. the applicant's details, including key academic details and work-plan;
  5. the applicant’s bank details;
  6. the host institution
  7. financial data (amount for travel and subsistence).

After encoding the information via the on-line registration tool the system will issue a formal STSM application which has to be downloaded and sent electronically by the applicant (by e-mail as attachment) together with any necessary document which the applicant may regard as helpful in supporting the application at the evaluation process (such as CV, full work-plan, list of publications, motivation letter, letter of support from the host institute etc.) to the future host institution of the STSM as well as to Steffi Hobuß (hobuss [at] uni [dot] leuphana [dot] de),  Mitia Velikonja (mitja [dot] velikonja [at] fdv [dot] uni-lj [dot] si) and Tea Andersen (nxr333 [at] hum [dot] ku [dot] dk).

All the application steps must be completed by the deadline of May 15, 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact Marco La Rosa (marco [dot] la_rosa [at] eu [dot] lu [dot] se).

Or Steffi Hobuß, Leuphana University Lüneburg/Germany, Coordinator of the STSMs, hobuss [at] uni [dot] leuphana [dot] de

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