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ISTME Publications

ISTME Working Papers

PDF icon01-2013.pdfISTME WORKING PAPER #1Steffi HOBUß. Memory Acts: Memory without Representation. Theoretical and Methodological Suggestions

PDF icon02-2013.pdfISTME WORKING PAPER #2: Dagmar BRUNOW. Rethinking remediation and reworking the archive

PDF iconISTME WORKING PAPER #3Galina Nikolaevna GONCHAROVA. Forced Transcultural Memory: The Exile and Return of the Bulgarian Turks

PDF iconISTME WORKING PAPER #4: Emilia SALVANOU. Population Uprooting After Wwi And Politics Of Memory

PDF iconISTME WORKING PAPER #5: Anna ZADORA. Historical Treatment of the Second World War in Post-Soviet Belarus: Sacralization of the Communist Memory

PDF icon06-2014.pdfISTME WORKING PAPER #6Johanne HELBO BØNDERGAARD. Forensic memories: after testimony

PDF iconISTME WORKING PAPER #7: Rune BRANDT LARSEN. Competing Historical Narratives in Belarusian Textbooks

PDF iconISTME WORKING PAPER #8: Gitanjali PYNDIAH. Memoriography and the anarchival impulse

PDF iconISTME WORKING PAPER #9: Łukasz POSŁUSZNY. Memory in relation to an object in a context of the materially deprived total institution of the Nazi concentration camp

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